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Arab cuisine is defined as the various regional cuisines spanning the Arab World from Morocco and Tunisia to Yemen and Somalia, and incorporating Levantine, Egyptian and others. It has also been influenced to a degree by the cuisines of Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, India, the Berbers and other cultures of the peoples of the region before the cultural Arabization brought by genealogical Arabians during the Arabian Muslim conquests.

Some Arab Popular Cuisines

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays
Ful Medames

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays
Shish Kebab

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays
Pickled Lemon

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays
Lahm Ba'ajeen

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

Arab Cuisine Tripholidays

More Arab Popular Cuisines...

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